Data Protection Notice

Before you complete your finance application, please read the statement below regarding the information you provide in your application.

This information helps the finance companies assess your application and will be kept on their records. The finance company will use a credit scoring system to help them make a decision on your application. If you provide details about a partner, they are happy for you to do so.

The finance company will search your credit record at one or more credit reference agencies. These agencies will add this search to your credit record even if this application doesn’t go ahead. They may also assess any partner’s records as part of your application. They will check your details with Fraud Prevention Agencies so if you give false information and they suspect fraud, this will be recorded.

These records may be seen in the future by other organisations which make searches. They may be used to help make decisions about credit and insurance facilities, to prevent fraud and money laundering, trace debtors and manage your account.

The finance company may contact your employer or bank to confirm the details you will provide. If they decide not to accept your application, we may pass your information to alternative providers who may carry out their own credit searches.

The credit can only be used for the purchase of the goods or services identified in the credit agreement. The monthly repayments are fixed and cannot be changed. You should consider carefully your ability to make the repayments. If you do not make the repayments that are due under this agreement then your credit rating may be adversely affected and could make obtaining credit more difficult in the future. It may also result in legal action being taken to recover the debt. Details of late payment charges are set out in the Pre-Contract Credit Information.

You have a right to withdraw from this credit agreement, which starts the day after you sign the agreement and lasts for 14 days. This right to withdraw only applies to the credit agreement. It does not apply to your order for furniture so if you did withdraw from your credit agreement you would have to pay for your goods by cash, or on your debit or credit card. You can exercise your right to withdraw by contacting the finance company in writing or by telephone.


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