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Buyer's FAQ

What are spa running costs like?

We would never try to tell you exactly how much your hot tub is likely to cost to run. This is because there are lots of different factors that affect running costs (regularity of use, ambient temperatures, electrical tariff, location of the hot tub). You may see claims from some companies of “90p per day” but this is likely being calculated purely on just the cost of keeping the water hot, without considering initial start-ups and running any of the jet pumps. This can be a little misleading because if you want to use the hot tub your running costs will obviously exceed this and is impossible to determine the exact cost without knowing how often the hot tub will be used.

Therefore, we’d rather have a more honest conversation with you pre-sale that doesn’t leave you confused about your running costs later on down the line. This can mean your weekly running cost can be anywhere between £15-£20 per week dependent on usage and other factors as described above. We are continually developing our hot tubs to be as cost efficient as possible.

Our hot tubs also come with a luxury lockable cover to provide maximum insulation. We have a thick Spa Protector available as an accessory which provides protection and insulation.

Costs of hot tub

What extras do I need?

Chemicals are the only essential extra thing that you need to buy when purchasing a Blue Whale Spa hot tub. We recommend using our Starter Chemical Pack as they are designed to protect your hot tub and they include easy to use instructions.

We suggest the Advantage Chemical Pack (6 months) as the best option if you want to save some money.

We also have a range of Blue Whale Spa Accessories available, from Testing Strips and Filters to Cover Lifter.

For added protection and insulation, we recommend using our thick Blue Whale Spa Spa Protector.

Why buy a hot tub from Blue Whale Spa?

Do you have a showroom?

We have one of the largest Hot Tub Showrooms in the UK, but for the safety of our customers and staff we have decided to close it to the public for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. Please see for more details.

Where are Blue Whale Spa hot tubs made?

Blue Whale Spa is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hot tubs, being the only UK company who manages the entire process from design and production to sales, delivery, installation and after sales, with thousands of satisfied customers. We are proud to have been fulfilling both B2B and B2C UK markets with our uniquely designed energy efficient hot tub needs over the years.

We are having our own production facilities, factories in China, hence a range of our hot tubs made in China. We are a UK distributor of USA manufactured hot tubs, but even there, our American made products are designed by us here in the UK, for the UK market and made in the USA.

This means that with Blue Whale Spa, you are dealing directly with the designer and manufacturer of the product so you can be assured of maximum quality control.

Our company directors and senior management team also personally visit the factories to make sure everything is up to the highest standard.

Hot tub factory

Do you offer finance on your hot tubs?

Yes! To make buying a hot tub as simple as it can be, O% APR Finance is available on all Blue Whale Spa hot tubs with deposits from £99. All 0% Apr Finance applications are subject to application, financial circumstances and borrowing history.

We have access to a panel of finance providers so if you would like to make an application for finance please get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll do our best to help you with your application.

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Are there any charges for card transactions?

We do not believe in charging unnecessary fees to our customers, therefore they are no surcharges for Debit or Credit card payments.  We can also accept payment via bank transfer, or cash on delivery as a remaining balance from a deposit.

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Choosing your hot tub

Where is the best place to set up your Blue Whale Spa hot tub?

A smooth, flat, structurally sound, level, even surface that is capable of uniformly supporting the entire filled weight of your new hot tub plus the weight of the users. A filled spa can weigh a great deal. Make certain that the location you choose can support the weight of your filled spa.

You need to consider having a power supply that is close enough, but also far enough away so that water cannot splash into the socket. Allowing water into the equipment compartment can damage the electronics, or may result in tripping your house’s circuit breaker or RCD.

Leave yourself easy access to all circuit breakers and RCD’s. Also, leave access to at least the entire front of the spa (the removable panels provide access to the spa’s equipment) for periodic spa care and maintenance.

Also consider your surroundings: placing your spa near a wind break such as a fence will help to reduce wind exposure, helping it to retain more heat and in turn help to reduce your running costs. You should also consider where you will drain the water when required.

What requirements are there for my hot tub site?

Most of our hot tubs require a dedicated 32 Amp power supply, with RCD circuit breaker and isolator switch connected with steel wire armoured cable. In addition, a solid base for the hot tub is required – ideally this would be concrete, but a level patio or suitably constructed deck would also accommodate the spa. It is also important if you are having our installation service that there is good access to your hot tub site for our engineer team to get the hot tub through. The finer details of hot tub site preparation can be found at the following link:

You will not need to prepare a plumbed in water supply for our hot tubs. As domestic spas, they are intended to be filled simply from a hose pipe into the filter compartment.

Delivery & Installation

Where do you deliver?

All Blue Whale Spa Hot Tubs include free UK mainland delivery and installation.

All off-mainland purchases need to be organised with a independent courier for separate delivery – Free delivery does not cover independent courier charges.

What do you need to be able to deliver my hot tub?

For outdoor installation, first, obtain the dimensions of the hot tub you have ordered from us. You will need to consider the Spa will be delivered on its side on a Spa Sledge

Make sure there is 3cm either side of the hot tub for access to your chosen location, making sure there are no major obstacles blocking the runway.

Steps can also be an issue as hot tubs are heavy bulky items that can be very difficult to transport up steps. Complying to health and safety regulations, steps will be assessed by delivery & instalment team. If height is acceptable, extra assistance by several fit, able bodied people will be needed in the event of needing to get a hot tub up several steps.

For indoor installation, be aware of some special requirements if you place your spa indoors. Water will accumulate around the spa, so flooring materials must provide a good grip when wet. Proper drainage is essential to prevent a build-up of water around the spa. When building a new room for the spa, it is recommended that a floor drain be installed.

The humidity will naturally increase with the spa installed. Water may get into woodwork and produce dry-rot, mildew, or other problems. Check for airborne moisture’s effects on exposed wood, paper, etc. in the room. To minimise these effects, it is best to provide plenty of ventilation access.

What are the delivery charges?

All Blue Whale Spa Hot Tubs include free UK mainland delivery and installation. 

  • Upgrade to Comprehensive delivery Service: £199.

    • Placement and connection
    • Packaging Removal and disposal
    • Chemical Talk
    • Filling and start up
    • Full Demo and instructions
  • Saturday Delivery: £200 extra.
  • No Sunday Delivery.

Find out more about delivery options here or call us on 0115 954 8888.

Can you fully install my hot tub?

Included in the price of your hot tub is our “Delivered and Installed” service which includes delivery, positioning, wiring into the control box and your pre-installed isolation switch, and an onscreen demo how to fill with water, maintenance and chemical talks, and instructions of function.

If you wish to have our team fill up your hot tub with water, commission and test everything, give you a detailed chemical talk, basic instructions on maintenance and feature and function demonstrations, you can upgrade to the “Comprehensive Delivery Service” for just £199. Call our team on 0115 954 8888 to find out more.

All deliveries are carried out by our own team of directly employed, highly skilled and experienced engineers.

What is the lead time for delivery?

We regularly keep our hot tub models in stock in our warehouse in Nottingham so most often delivery lead-in times are purely based on our delivery schedule and staff availability. This means delivery can usually be as soon as a matter of days from the order date, if needed. If you don’t need your spa delivering until a certain time, give us a call on 0115 954 8888.


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How much water should I put in my hot tub?

Filling your hot tub with a safe water level.

Using your garden hose, fill the hot tub through the filter compartment to avoid as much as possible the chance of an airlock.

Fill the tub until the water level is between the highest jet in the seats and the bottom of the headrests.

You may find that if several people enter the tub that the water level will rise to more than half way up the headrests which some people may find uncomfortable and difficult to keep their heads above the waterline, if this is the case you should drain some of the water until the water level, with people in the tub, is at the bottom of the headrests again.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

The Blue Whale Spa range hot tubs are very easy to maintain and are all supplied with an owner’s manual with maintenance instructions to help you get the best from your purchase.

Is it easy to get accessories and spare parts?

Yes, you can order spare parts and accessories directly from or via phone 0115 954 8888.

Electricity and safety with your Blue Whale Spa hot tub

Do you have any 13Amp plug-and-play hot tub?

The majority of our hot tub range is hard-wired, but we can supply plug-and-pay models too.

Person pushing plug into a plug socket

Also we can custom build certain tubs to make them 13 or 32 Amp compatible along with different colours and additional insulation.

Person lifting a plug cover to plug in a large plugPlease speak to the sales team to discuss your requirements on 0115 954 8888.

What is RCD?

RCD stands for Residual-Current Device. It is a safety cut-out device that will activate if water comes into contact with the electrical supply to your spa.

The RCD will be either in the consumer unit for a 32 Amp tub or on the waterproof outdoor socket for a 13Amp tub. This is not something that is included in our tubs or accessories.

What is the Amperage of the Storm Force 9 Pump?

Our Storm Force 9 hot tub pump has been electrically tested for current drawn and is rated as taking a 6 Amp current. Unfortunately the Storm Force 9 pumps have been labelled as drawing a 7 Amp current in error.

If your hot tub has two Storm Force 9 jet pumps the current drawn by two Storm Force 9 pumps running together will be below 13Amps.

If you have any queries please let us know by using the form here

Chemicals and health

How do I maintain my hot tub water daily?

The first is very important; shower before you get in. Your body will have substances on it that will contaminate hot tub water. These include sweat, soap, perfume, shampoo, deodorant, and your swim wear can contain traces of detergent and fabric softener.  If you make sure to wash them off before you get in, the hot tub remains cleaner for much longer.

The more contaminated the water becomes because of what you introduce to the water, the harder the hot tub must work to be sure it is clean. More chlorine must be added to be sure the water is clean and safe and the hot tub’s pumps and filters will have to work hard to remove these contaminates in the water. Because of this, avoid using fake tan as it dissolves into the tub water and easily can stain the shell and filters. Your swimwear only should be rinse washed without detergent. If your hot tub foaming, you will need to use anti foam, which reduces foam that can occur when incorrect cleaning products or excessive algaecide, hair products or make up, false tan creams or skin conditioners get into the water in your tub. Simply pour a cap full of anti foam around the edges of your tub and watch the foam disappear.

If you use your hot tub every day, consider using a water clarifier to help clean the hot tub of all the soaps, gels, lotions that you and/or your friends, family cannot prevent getting into the spa. A specifically formulated surface cleaner removes any build-up of dirt that may occur around the waterline. Use it on a weekly basis.

Use test strips to measure the chemical level of your water. Dip the testing strip in your water and compare the colour of the pads on the strip to the coloured squares on the testing strip container. If the coloured pad is the same as the square patch on the container you do not need to add any chemicals. If they are different, you need to adjust your hot tubs’ chemical level, add small amounts of chemicals to the water, re-testing each time until the coloured pads match the squares on the container. Wait about 5 minutes between retests and make sure your hot tub water is running when you add chemicals, because it needs to mix in the water well.

Do I need to use chemicals, and why?

Your hot tub water needs to be treated with certain chemicals to maintain its cleanliness and needs to regularly clean the cover and filter. Regardless of how often or long you plan to use your spa, it is essential to treat the water in your Blue Whale Spa hot tub. If you left your spa water without any treatment, it would soon become uncomfortable, unclean and potentially dangerous even just to passers-by.

Chemicals are a highly effective way to treat your hot tub, as they eliminate any harmful bacteria that can grow in warm water.

How often do I need to change the water?

It is easier than you think to make your water last for over 3 months even with every day usage. Your hot tub water needs to be treated with certain chemicals to maintain its cleanliness and needs to regularly clean the cover and filter.

Do I have to use chlorine in my hot tub?

Chlorine is a sanitiser, can be used in a granule form. The granules dissolve into the tub water and it can be used to boost chlorine levels quickly. But don’t overdose the tub.

Do you have any question?

If you have any questions about our hot tubs, or delivery please call our friendly team to discuss your options today and we can ensure you to get the best hot tub based on your requirements.

0115 954 8888

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