Hot Tub Water Care

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Your hot tub water needs to be treated with certain chemicals to maintain its cleanliness.


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Blue Whale Spa - Hot Tub Chemical pack

Sanitiser levels, Ph Levels and Total Alkalinity can be measured with readily available water testing strips. As you use your tub, chemical levels will change as they do their job, keeping the water clean. Remember to only add small quantities of chemicals to your water as once it is dissolved into the water it is impossible to take any out.


A sanitiser, Chlorine or Bromine can be dispensed into the tub in granule form. Granules dissolve into the tub water quickly and can be used to boost chlorine/bromine levels quickly. We advise pre-dissolving your granules in a glass of water from your hot tub and then adding them into the centre of your hot tub while the jets are running to allow the chemicals to mix thoroughly. Keep your lid off while running jets with a chemical treatment and always test your water after to check the results.

Never mix Chlorine and Bromine in the same water!

Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub Chlorine Granules
Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub pH and Total Alkalinity Reducer


Also required is a chemical for controlling the Ph of the water. Either a Ph increaser or a Ph Reducer to keep the Ph within a safe level.

Blue Whale Spa | pH Plus for Hot Tub

Total Alkalinity

This is the measure of the ability of water to resist changes in pH. Total Alkalinity increaser is added once the Chlorine content and the Ph level are correct.

Testing Strips

Testing strips have coloured pads which change colour dependent on the amount of the above chemicals dissolved into your water.

Dip the testing strip in your water and compare the colour of the pads on the strip to the coloured squares on the testing strip container.

If the coloured pad is the same as the square patch on the container you do not need to add any chemicals.

If the coloured pads are different to the squares on the container add small amounts of chemicals to the water re-testing each time until the coloured pads match the squares on the container.

Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub Testing Strips For Sale, Nottingham, UK
Blue Whale Spa | Non Chlorine Shock

Oxidiser (Shock)

This should be used as directed on the package once a week or after the spa has been used for several hours by a larger than normal number of people.

These chemicals could be the only things you need to put into your water to keep it clean. There are however various other things that affect the quality of your water as the tub is used. All of these chemicals should be used sparingly in small amounts retesting after each addition of chemicals.

Other chemicals and products:

Blue Whale Spa | Surface Cleaner

Waterline cleaner

Use waterline cleaner every week to remove any build up of dirt that may occur around the waterline.

Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub Water Clarifier

Water Clarifiers

Use these type of products as instructed on the package to keep your water sparkling clean.

Blue Whale Spa | Vinyl Cleaner

Anti Scale

In areas of hard water add a couple of capfuls of anti scale to reduce the buildup of scale and any staining that may occur.

Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub Anti Foam

Anti Foam

This chemical reduces foam that can occur when hair products or make up, false tan creams or skin conditioners get into the water in your tub. Simply pour a capful of anti foam around the edges of your tub and watch the foam disappear.

Blue Whale Spa | Hot Tub Instant Filter Spray

Filter Cleaning

Dependent on the amount of use that your tub gets you should clean your filters every two weeks. There are various overnight soak solutions or instant cleaner sprays that can keep your filters clean.

The most effective method of extending filter life is to have a pair or two sets of filters to rotate. Whilst one set is in the tub working, the other set is cleaned and dried out and then when it is time to clean the filter again you simply replace with the clean dry filter.

Blue Whale Spa | Water Changing

Water changing

Check the water level in your tub regularly and top up as necessary.

If you keep a check on your water and chemical levels either every day or each time you use the tub and add the necessary chemicals you should be able to keep your water in the tub for up to three months.

After three months it is recommended that you drain the tub, clean the shell and jets and then refill with clean water.

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