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This Argos Exclusive Angel Cove hot tub is a 5-person spa with a dual speed 3 HP pump, 33 massage jets. It features the latest Balboa controls, Bluetooth sound system, LED lighting, and waterfall features.


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Main Features


Blue Whale Spa | Angel Cove Hot Tub Dimension


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The Angel Cove 6 Person Hot Tub Features

We created and improved our Angel Cove hot tub by thorough specialist research, so you can have a long-lasting hot tub and an enjoyable time using it. The design and manufacture of our Angel Cove spa has been to the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency. This hot tub has generous seats and its size makes it ideal for your garden.

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Ergonomically designed seating

The Angel Cove 6-person spa designed by our Award Winner Product Designers, to work with your body’s natural structure and functions to provide maximum comfort and functionality. The ergonomic seats of Princeton hot tub support the skeletal structure of your body and remove the stress from muscles and joints so that your body relaxes in the healing water.

33 Hydrotherapy Massage Jets

This hot tub understands the ergonomics of the human body and able to interact with it the most natural and effective way possible. Having more jets doesn’t always mean you’ll have the best spa, the Angel Cove’s 33 jets in targeted groups will conserve energy and give a strong, focused massage. The 33 hydrotherapy massage jets arranged differently in each seat for various massage effects. The different jet patterns are designed to work different muscle groups of the body, legs, back, feet depending which seat you are in, the Santa Ana tub gives a wide variation in massage. The adjustable jets of this spa allowing all the seats to be tailored to your individual needs in terms of sensitivity and release of various tensions. You should spend some time in each seat of the hot tub to enjoy the proper massage.

American Balboa Control System

The Angel Cove features a market leading topside Balboa Control System from California USA which makes using the hot tub as simple as can be. This control system has been designed and built exclusively for Blue Whale Spa to enable our multi-pump systems to work at maximum efficiency. The control panel is mounted on the spa rim within easy reach of bathers and it’s so easy to use. All the spa functions such as water temperature, water flow, pumps, lighting, etc can be controlled at the touch of a button.

Bluetooth, Luxury Speakers & WiFi

The Angel Cove hot tub has built in entertainment, which helps you to relax with the soothing sounds of your favourite song in the best seat in the house and keep your smart device well away from potential water damage. These waterproof speakers connect via Bluetooth. Monitor and control your hot tub from your phone or tablet via WIFI. Download an app and have access to your hot tub controls from wherever you have an internet signal.

8 LED Mood Lighting

This hot tub features 8 stunning multi-colour, changing LED mood lighting to enhance any relaxing spa experience. Watch the water in your hot tub sparkle with reds, greens, blues, and watch the colours slowly fade from one colour to another. You can customise and adjust the colour of the lighting based on your mood.

Powerful Pump

The Angel Cove hot tub has one high power jet pumps designed exclusively for Blue Whale Spa. You easily can control which seats are in use by the touch of a button. These pumps are carefully designed to provide maximum power and efficiency for the number, size and function of the jets it serves. This design enables the Angel Cove hot tub to use less energy, run cheaper, and the more water flows for more power in the jets, you can enjoy a better massage experience.

LED Fountains

Turn on a jet pump and multiple bright LED lit fountains cascade water that sequence through a range of colours from the 2  pop-up jet fountains located around the hot tub shell. The light from the LED’s travels along the water streams to give a spectacular light show in the tub at night.

Maintenance Free Skirt

The waterproof, maintenance free plastic skirting of the Angel Cove hot tub is in a beautiful contemporary dark grey shade that will harmonise with any settings – indoor or out – and will be as rich and lustrous years from now as it is today. Never needs painting or sealing, wipes clean with soft cloth and warm water.


Variable velocity valves for both air and water make the hot tub experience relaxing and fun. Water valves for the LED back-lit waterfall and fountains to adjust the flow for spectacular illuminated high fountains, or reduce the flow for soothing calming waterfalls. How fast or slow is up to you, the control is in your hands. Air valves placed around the tub can be adjusted to allow air into the water streams from the jets in the seats, alter them to give the ideal feel for you in the spa seat.

Foot Massage & Space

The Angel Cove hot tub has been designed and engineered to provide total comfort to you and your friends/family. You can comfortably enjoy the ultimate foot massage with the people who matter most to you.

Comfort Features

The Angel Cove 6-person hot tub has 4 easy to remove comfortable pillow headrests to enhance your spa experience.

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Additional information

Weight400 kg

6 Seats

Jet Pump 1

Hydromassage Jets

Filtration System

Drain System



LED Lights

Headrest Pillows

Water Features

Bluetooth Speakers

WiFi Connectivity