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Advice and Troubleshooting


Running and maintaining your hot tub quickly becomes second nature, allowing you to complete routine maintenance and get straight back to relaxing. However, in the unfortunate situation that anything does go wrong we want to provide our customers with the best advice to troubleshoot the problem themselves and solve the issue at the time.

If any of the following issues are not solved by our advice, or your problem is not listed, please call our Customer Services team on 0115 954 88 88, option 3.

Water Issues

Balancing your chemicals

To maintain your hot tub water you must ensure that your spa equipment is frequently cleaned and the water chemical balance is correct. We advise to check your chemical levels with testing strips every day.

Ideal chemical readings are as follows;

TestIdeal Reading*
Chlorine3-5 ppm**
Bromine4-6 ppm
pH7.2 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity80 – 140 ppm

* The ideal readings displayed in this table are presented only for a reference. Always follow the instructions provided by the test strip manufacturer when adjusting the chemical balance of your hot tub water.

** ppm = parts per million


Both Chlorine and Bromine are sanitisers that break down bacteria in your spa. Never mix these two chemicals together, in or out of your hot tub water. Chlorine is the most widely used sanitiser due to its effectiveness and fast dissolving. Bromine is more suited to sensitive skin, has less of a harsh odour and is known to be effective for longer. When adding any chemicals to your hot tub, make sure there is no one in the hot tub, the pumps are all turned up and jet ports are open. Run with the lid off for at least 15 minutes to allow any chemicals to mix fully into your water.

– Reading too low: Add in small doses until your reading reaches the advised sanitiser amounts. Test again to check your levels and always follow the instructions and guides on the bottle.

– Reading too high: Turn all the pumps on full power and leave the hot tub lid off. Allow time for the chemical to naturally dissipate. Test again to check your levels and always follow the instructions and guides on the bottle.

Total Alkalinity

A measurement on all alkaline substances in the hot tub water, including carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxides. This directly impacts the pH levels, so these need to be adjusted before the pH levels.

– Reading too low: Use Total alkalinity increaser to raise the Alkalinity levels. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and test your water after for your new total alkalinity level. Untreated low total alkalinity levels may cause scale – a hard, crusty mineral build-up, and corrosion of the hot tubs internal parts.

Reading too high: Use Anti Scale (Stain & scale Inhibitor) to lower the Alkalinity levels. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and test your water after for your new total alkalinity level. Persistently high total alkalinity levels may result in green water, as it reduces the effectiveness of your sanitiser.


The pH is the measure of balance between acidity and alkalinity.

– Reading too low: Use pH Plus granules to add and raise the pH level. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and test your water after for your new pH level. A low pH level means that the acid in your hot tub water may start damaging your hot tub parts and can cause skin irritation.

– Reading too high: Use ph Minus granules to add and raise the pH level. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and test your water after for your new pH level. A high pH level can lean to milky, unclear water and can cause scale on the hot tub shell and in your hot tub parts.

Foaming Water

Often caused by detergent residue on swimming costumes and skin. It can also be caused by hair or makeup products, fake tan products, skin moisturisers or sun cream that get into the water in your spa.

Solution: Pour a dose of Anti-Foam around the edges of your hot tub water while the jets are funning to reduce the foam. Make sure all bathers take a clean water shower before getting into your hot tub, avoid skin and hair products that will effect your water and make sure all swimsuits are rinsed with clean water to remove detergent.

Milky, Unclear Water

Can be caused by unbalanced chemicals or body products that get into the hot tub water.

Solution: Use Hot Tub Water Clarifier to keep the water in your hot tub clear. Make sure to test your water with test strips daily and make sure your chemical balance is correct to the suppliers’ instructions. Avoid any other substances getting into your hot tub water that could cause issues.

Green/ Cloudy Water

Occasionally, especially after prolonged use of the hot tub by various bathers, chlorine or bromine may dissipate from spa water faster. When that happens, the hot tub water may become green or cloudy due to the lack of sanitiser allowing algae to form. Cloudy water can also be caused by Alkalinity imbalance.

Solution: Test Alkalinity levels first and treat if needed. To clean the water, use Non-Chlorine Shock and run the pumps for 30 minutes with the cover open. This helps to remove bacteria, algae and improves regular sanitiser’s effectiveness. If none of the above works, we advise draining and cleaning your hot tub.

Waterline Scum Mark

An accumulation of dirt and oils that have gotten into the hot tub water and then cling to the surface of the tub shell, congealing into a slimy substance. Usually formed from foam that has been left untreated, but can also appear as a result of poor sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) dosage.

Solution: A formed scum line can be wiped away with a damp cloth. If particularly stubborn or thick it may require Surface Cleaner to remove. Ensure bathers entering the tub are not wearing any moisturiser, makeup, fake tan, sunscreen etc that could enter your water and cause foaming that then leaves a scum line.

Scale Formation

Caused by chemical imbalance or hard water areas and insufficient use of Anti-scale that can manage and prevent build up.

Solution: Make sure to check your chemical levels and treat daily to prevent build up. Once scale has formed, a full hot tub scale treatment will be needed to remove and prevent this from reoccurring. Please call the technical team on 0115 954 8888 (option 3) to talk to us about this.

White Water Mould

Lack of sanitiser and unbalanced conditions in your hot tub water can cause white water mould to form, which looks alarmingly like flakes of skin. It is a naturally occurring fungus, which has a white mucous or tissue paper-like substance. It is very resilient against both halogen-based (chlorine, bromine) and non-halogen sanitizers and germicides, and it can re-contaminate long after it is seemingly destroyed.

Solution: The water is contaminated; the best choice of action is to throw it out and start again. You will need to carry out a System Flush and drain the hot tub. Put 1 full bottle of system flush in to the hot tubs water and turn pumps on for at least 30 minutes, then leave the water to settle down for another 30 minutes. Repeat turning the jets on and off for 30 minutes at a time at least 2 or 3 times. Then empty the water out and suck at much water out the jets as possible using a wet “n” dry vacuum. Take out all the large jets and clean behind, deep clean the whole tub. Refill with water down the filter housing and check for white water mould appearing. In bad cases the System Flush may need to be done twice. To prevent, proper use of chemicals and regular services will keep your water healthy.

Skin Irritation

If you are finding that you are experiencing skin irritation in your hot tub but non of the above issues are apparent, you may have sensitive skin. Possibly the pH level does not agree with your skin, or is loo low. You may be sensitive to Chlorine and need to switch to using Bromine sanitiser instead. Be sure to empty out any water treated with Chlorine before you make the switch to Bromine – never mix these chemicals. You may have an unknown allergy to any of the chemicals used to treat hot tub water. If irritation persists, do not use the hot tub and contact your doctor for medical advice. You can also call us for chemical advice for your hot tub water.

Water isn’t heating up

This could be due to several things, including incorrect Mode settings, incorrect Range settings, incorrect reading settings, system faults or even part malfunctions. Please check your control panel settings with your manual, which can be found on our Manuals page, or our clear guides on our Helpful Videos page and if the issue is not resolved please call our technical team on 0115 954 8888 (option 3).

Control Panel Issues

Reading your control panel

We have in depth videos and manuals explaining each of our hot tub control panels and features that you can find on our Manuals page  or Helpful Videos page .

Unrecognized Message on control panel

Your Balboa or Gecko manual from the manufacturer will include full list of messages, codes and their meanings. If you require further information or guidance of a message displaying on your control panel, please call our technical team on 0115 954 8888 (option 3).

No display on control panel

If your control panel does not display any information, please check that power is on to the hot tub. To test further, switch off the power supply, wait 5 minutes and switch back on.

If the Bluetooth activates and plays the start recording, then the power is connected fine.

If the panel still does not show the usual starting codes and enter Priming Mode there may be an issue with your display, please contact us for further assistance.

If when you switch the power back on there is no response from any of the hot tub elements, it may be that the hot tub is not receiving power.

Check your circuit breakers or fuse box and the electrical plug for any irregularities or issues.

Contact a professional electrician if you need assistance with any element in your house or the plug or power source installed for the hot tub. We are not liable for any issues external of the hot tub.

If the issue is with the hot tub wiring inside the hot tub box or any element of the hot tub, please contact us on 0115 954 8888 (option 3).

Please be advised that your warranty policy includes a void clause if you open the hot tub control panel or box and attempt to alter in any way.

Please read your warranty policy for the full terms.

Tub Issues


If you notice your filters struggling or have an error message come up on your control panel relating to the filters or flow issues, you may need to up your treatment and rotation of your filters for your hot tub care. Clogged or dirty filters will prevent water form going through your filter housing, which may cause pump and heater overwork and failure.

  • Once a Week we recommend rinsing your filter with clear water blasted from a garden hose. This will remove any dirt or debris from the filter pleats and prevents bacteria building up. It also helps prevent the chemicals from degrading the filter materials.

  • Every 2 Weeks replace your filter with a clean one and cover the used filter with Filter Cleaner spray. Leave to stand for 15-20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave out to air dry.

  • Once a Month you can do a deep clean of a filter. Place the filter in a bucket with water and a hot tub filter soak chemical and make sure the filter is completely submerged. Leave to soak for 24 hours and then thoroughly rinse off with clean water before air drying.

  • Every 5-9 Months we recommend replaying your filters with new ones. You can also assess the condition of your filter by the colour if the blue plastic. If it begins to fade it is being degraded by the chemicals and needs replacing.
Shell imperfections

If you notice any imperfections around your hot tub shell, please get in touch with us. Most shell imperfections are purely superficial and will not affect the functionality of your hot tub, but if you are within your warranty and the damage is covered you can talk to us about your options.

Skirting damage

If you notice any imperfections around your hot tub skirting, please get in touch with us. Skirting damage is more likely with age and use of the hot tub, and the panel can discolour in the sun over time. It is not likely to affect the functionality of your hot tub, but if you are within your warranty and the damage is covered you can talk to us about your options.

Equally if you are outside your warranty but would like to replace any damaged slats, you can purchase them from our customer service to fit yourself.


If you notice any leaking from your hot tub, or loss of water please make sure that when exiting the hot tub all water features are turned off. During filter cycles these will activate and can hit the hot tub lid and drip down the side causing water loss. If this is clearly not the case, please try to assess where the water leak is coming from and call us.

Removing your hot tub panels – see this helpful video – can help to identify internal issues and will help our customer services team advise you on the best approach for your hot tub.

Do you have any question?

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