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Site Preparation


Preparing your hot tub site for the installation is very important, both for the safe delivery and your enjoyment of your new hot tub.  

Prior to delivery, our sales team will be in touch to complete our ‘Pre-delivery Checks’ which ensures that the access, location, base and installation site are correct and ready for your hot tub to arrive. We kindly ask you to disclose any access limitations, including steps or corners that may affect the delivery as if there are unexpected obstacles, our team may not be able to deliver your hot tub. 

Below are the full site preparation and delivery access details, please review these thoroughly ahead of your delivery. If you have any concern, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0115 954 8888 and the Sales Team will be able to help.



The first step to choosing your hot tub site is to ensure it will be at least 2m from all electrical components, such as the circuit breakers and RCD sockets. These must also be easily accessible. 

From there, ensure there is good access to the hot tub from all four sides for maintenance and servicing. Below ground or sunken hot tubs are not generally advised as it limits access. If using a cover lifter, a minimum of 60cm of free space is required behind the hot tub. 

Don’t forget to consider the view; which direction would you like your favourite seat or lounger to be facing?


Your hot tub must be positioned on a solid, levelled foundation or flooring, ideally a 4” thick concrete base. We recommend your chosen site to measure at least 2.5 m x 2.5 m. The base must be evenly supported and able to hold the weight of a hot tub, which can exceed 1800kg. We recommend you advise a professional on the load bearing ability of your chosen base.

Please note that the failure to provide a levelled surface could structurally damage your spa and void the warranty. Blue Whale Spa engineers will not proceed with delivery if the base is inadequate.


If installing your hot tub on decking, you need to ensure it is suitable to support the hot tub. Discuss this with a qualified constructor or engineer prior to installation.

Generally, sinking your hot tub into decking is not recommended, as it limits access. However, if you wish to do so, ensure sections of the decking can easily be removed to maintain the hot tub and build the decking around the installed hot tub for easier delivery.

Please be advised that decking may vibrate and intensify the pump noise of your hot tub.

Indoor Installation:

Indoor installation of a hot tub is possible with adequate ventilation and drainage. The base and flooring must be waterproof and support your hot tub weight. Appropriate ventilation, such as an extractor fan should be installed, to reduce humidity, along with floor drainage at a minimum of 4” in diameter.

Improper site preparation for the indoor installation may result in humidity damage to woodwork and furnishings.


Blue Whale Spa hot tub models require either a 13 or 32amp power supply, with Swim Spas requiring up to 40amps. Please be advised that in all instances, you are required to provide a cable that connects the hot tub to your power supply.

Installing the electrical power supply must be performed in accordance with national guidelines by a qualified party, and the customer is responsible for the safety of the power supply installation.

For more detailed information on the electrical installation process, please check our Manuals section.

13 amp Hot Tubs

An outdoor, RCD protected socket, located at least 2m from the hot tub, is required and should be connected to the consumer unit with an armoured cable, to prevent accidental damage to the cable.

A 3 core 2.5mm heavy duty cable must be supplied to connect from the socket to the hot tub control panel. It is recommended that you prepare at least 1-metre of extra cable to ensure it can comfortably reach the components.

32 amp Hot Tubs

Hot tub models powered by a 32 AMP supply must be wired directly into a waterproof, switchable junction box.

A qualified electrician must install an IP65 rated, waterproof isolator switch at least 2m from the hot tub. This should be connected to the consumer unit with a 3 core 6mm armoured cable. The isolator switch is then connected to another 6mm armoured cable, which is long enough to reach the hot tub control panel from the location of the power supply. We recommend that you prepare at least 1-metre extra cable to ensure that it can comfortably reach the components.

The electrical installation should be certified to part P of the building regulations and BS:767117 of the wiring regulations.

40 amp Hot Tubs

The 40amp Swim Spas require a 40amps circuit breaker and the 3 core armoured cable that is a minimum of 10mm diameter.

These types of spas must be wired in the same way as the 32amp hot tubs, which must be performed by a qualified electrician.


Take careful note of the delivery access requirements to ensure we are able to deliver and position your hot tub. A pre-delivery check, sent to you via email, will be undertaken requesting photos and details of the delivery route, this must be as detailed as possible as if there are any unexpected obstacles and the delivery is not possible, a re-delivery charge may be applied.

If you have any concerns over the access route or would like some advice give us a call on 0115 954 8888 and we will be able to advise on the best option.


Any pathways or gates on the way to the hot tub location must be at least 250mm wider/higher than the depth/length of your hot tub.

For example: If the hot tub depth is 780mm the width of the gate must be at least 880mm.

For example: If the hot tub length is 2000mm the height of the gate must be at least 2350mm.


The access from the delivery van to the chosen hot tub location must be cleared off any obstructions such as gate frames, pipes, bins, outside taps, walls, posts or flowerbeds.

Please check and measure the access route of your hot tub to avoid failed delivery and inform us about any obstacles or issues.

Turning room:

In case of any sharp turns, you need to ensure there is enough space for the hot tub to be turned safely with an engineer at either end to guide the tub through.

Please take measurements of all widths to judge the turn. Ideally, the turn should measure 3-metre in length.


Please, do let us know if there are any steps we may encounter on the delivery route, as the height and width of steps can highly impact the way we access your designated hot tub location.

Please be advised that in some cases, steep or long stairs may prevent our engineers from delivering your hot tub.


In situations when the access is very limited, a crane may be required to position your hot tub. We advise you to discuss this possibility with our sales team before contacting a crane company.

It is your responsibility to organise the lifting equipment required, as a local company would be able to visit and conduct any site assessments required. During positioning of the hot tub, the health and safety measures, as well as site assessment is the responsibility of the crane provider.

Please note that all Swim Spa models require a crane for delivery.