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Buyers Guide


So, the big question is: Which Hot Tub? With so many hot tubs on the market, finding your ideal one, with the specifications you need at the right price can be tricky.

To help you narrow down your search we’ve written our exclusive Buyers Guide considering:


First of all, what size? Unless you are limited on space, then this comes down to the number of people regularly using the hot tub and the height of the tallest person in the tub. 

If the tallest person on it is 6ft or more, then look at products over 2.1m to ensure there’s sufficient space to stretch out and relax.

If you are limited on space but still want a longer lounger, then look for tubs with a flat lounger, such as the Ivy Beach III or the Shoreline Bay III, as this gives you more legroom on a smaller base.

All our spas offer 5-6 seats, designed to offer a different massage in each seat but not all are suitable for 6 people at the same time. If you will usually share your hot tub with your partner or a friend, then select from our products full range.

However, if you regularly have 3-4 adults using the spa then choose a 6 seater hot tub with a minimum of a 2 x 2m base to ensure there is plenty of space to relax. For families or socialising with over 4 guests, choose our largest hot tubs with 2.1m and over; the Sierra Bay is perfect for partying with plenty of space and deep bucket seats for added comfort.


How do you envisage relaxing in your hot tub; are you looking for a deep massage for pain relief, a soothing pattern of jets or simply to create an escape from the world? The key to these is the number of jets and the power of the jet pumps. 

The massage intensity is created by the number of jets and power of the pumps. The pressure from the pumps is divided between the jets so a medium powered jet pump with many jets will produce a softer, soothing massage reaching every joint. While fewer jets attached to the same jet pump will create an invigorating massage, massaging deep into your muscles. Choose a hot tub with a foot massager for relaxation from head to toe. 

For a deep, invigorating massage which hits every muscle, look at hot tubs with over 90 jets along with several jet pumps for added power. Try the Santa Rosa for a focussed massage or the Grand Haven Max to hit every spot.

If you’re seeking a paradise at home and simply want your cares gently massaged away, choose a hot tub with lots of jets but a less powerful pump such as the Portland Beach or the Summer Breeze III. However, by adjusting air and jet diverters you can always soften a more vigorous massage to create the right space for you. 

To simply create the space to relax, consider a lower powered hot tub to save on the running costs or select those with lots of waterfalls and fountains such as the Seascape III

For an ultra-efficient hot tub look out for our exclusive Stormforce 7 and 9 jet pumps, delivering high water pressure at lower running costs.

13 or 32amp

One of the key questions when choosing a hot tub is whether it should be a 13amp or 32amp model. This may be answered by your choices above, a large hot tub offering a deep massage will require 32 amps to drive the power you need. 

A 13amp hot tub offers greater flexibility, in only requiring an outdoor plug socket to power the hot tub. Plus with highly efficient jet pumps such as the Stormforce range, you can still have a multi-pump luxurious massage.

A 32amp hot tub requires greater set up with a 32amp RCD protected circuit breaker required. This must be installed by a qualified electrician and incurs an additional expense. However, the greater power allows for more pumps to run simultaneously, necessary for larger hot tubs or to power an invigorating massage.

One of the most common hot tub myths is that a 13amp hot tub cannot be used in the winter. It’s true that a 13amp tub will not run the jets and heater simultaneously, but even with a longer soak and the jet pumps running, the tub will retain its heat. Many 32amp options can run the heater and jets together but hot tubs are designed to heat slowly so the heater cannot strongly boost the water temperature while the tub is in use.

For the ultimate flexibility, consider our variable hot tubs – the Magic Beach or South Beach– which can be switched between a 13 and 32amp supply to match your set up and requirements.

Additional Features

Colour changing LED lights are included on all Blue Whale Spa hot tubs so you can simply watch the water shimmer as the colours chase each other around the tub.

Waterfalls and fountains can add to the atmosphere and are always loved by families, try the Fargo Beach with 12 fountains or the Moonlight Bay with multiple waterfalls to bring your hot tub to life.

Bluetooth Speakers are a great way to enjoy your hot tub and create a screen-free space; choose your music then leave your phone behind as the music plays. Included on all hot tubs in our Premium and Signature ranges.

Running Costs

Overall, larger hot tubs will have higher running costs as there is simply more water to heat, but equally more hot tub to enjoy! There are also differing levels of insulation, choose at least double insulated hot tubs but ideally triple or quadruple insulation to reduce the heat loss. After purchase, choose a sheltered location for your hot tub and invest in a Spa Protector for added insulation.

Running several large jet pumps will require more power but hot tubs with two-three smaller, energy efficient pumps actually require less power than one large jet pump. A hot tub with a single jet pump requires this to run on a lower speed 24/7 to act as the circulation pump, requiring more power than a dedicated low energy circulation pump. In addition, having multiple jet pumps gives more options to turn only on the pumps powering seats in use instead of running the whole tub for a single user. For the lowest running costs choose a hot tub with several smaller, high efficiency jet pumps such as the Stormforce 7 and 9.

Design and Quality

All Blue Whale Spa hot tubs are designed in the UK for our local customers with British gardens, access and climate all in mind. We have oversight over every aspect of the manufacturing process and choose only the highest quality components such as our American Balboa and Canadian Gecko control panels.

For additional peace of mind we offer a market leading 2 year parts and labour warranty. We also offer 0% APR finance on all our hot tubs so you can enjoy a high quality Blue Whale Spa hot tub sooner.

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