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  • 1KG – Bromine
  • Granules or Tablets

Bromine is a very popular choice to sanitise your hot tub for those with more sensitive skin. Chlorine works faster to kill contaminants but for a shorter period of time, as it dissipates faster. Bromine kills contaminants more slowly but for a longer period of time; plus, it can help keep water chemistry more balanced due to its low pH, meaning less chemical adjusting is needed

We have both Granules and Tablets available. Please note that Tablets are for use with hot tubs including our new Chemical Tablet Dispenser Pod technology built into the shell, and we do not advise the use of floating chemical dispensers in Blue Whale Spa hot tubs.

Formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms. The bromine is stabilised to minimise wasteful loss of sanitiser due to sunlight and the product has little effect on the pH of the spa water.

  • Sanitises spa water
  • Dissolves rapidly
  • Kills potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms.

Don’t forget you will also at some point need pH control chemicals and things like total alkalinity increaser, oxidiser “shock” and filter cleaner too.

Never mix Chlorine and Bromine.

Always follow the instructions on the product.

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