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Clear Spa Kit


  • 1x 1L Foam Away = £14.50
  • 1x 1L Hot Tub Water Clarifier = £14.50
  • 1x 1Kg Non-Chlorine Shock = £25
  • 1x 500ml Filter Cleaner Spray = £15

All your needs for keeping your hot tub clean. This chemical pack includes the key essentials for keeping a hot tub clean and will provide you with all the elements needed to keep your water clean with regular use.

If you find our water foaming up when you switch the jets on, maybe someone washed their swimsuit in a soapy detergent, a cap of Foam Away into the filter housing with the jets running should help to calm it down.

If you water is a little cloudy after use, perhaps someone forgot to wash off their suncream before getting in, a cap of hot tub water clarifier into the middle of the tub with the jets running will clear it up and help all particles be caught in the filter.

If your chemical levels don’t seem to want to balance and you’re trying to treat the water, a dose of Non-chlorine shock can help balance your water levels back to regular treatment.

When you switch out your filter for a spare, Filter Cleaner Spray is essential to make sure that your filter is properly clean and ready to be used again and is safe to use on your filter so that you don’t get instant foamy water from and soaps when you put it back into your water.

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