Comprehensive filter kit


To help keep your hot tub running smoothly for months of hot tub relaxation, this filter kit includes two premium hot tub filters, specially formulated filter cleaner spray and your choice of Chlorine or Bromine test strips. Rinse and swap the filters each week to increase their lifespan, then spray each month with the filter cleaner to ensure they work at maximum efficiency.

2 x Hot Tub Filters – 2 x £35 = £70
1 x 500ml Instant Filter Cleaner spray – £15
1 x Test strips – £12

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To prolong the life of your filters, we recommend that you remove, clean using the filter spray and allow your filter to dry naturally every two weeks. Having a second filter means you can swap the filters each time ensuring they dry properly before use and your hot tub is never out of commission! This kit is perfect to ensure your filters run smoothly and to help you enjoy a sparkling hot tub for the final and beyond.

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Additional information

Filter Type

Standard, 194

Test Strip Type

Chlorine, Bromine