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Hard Water Treatment Kit


  • 1Kg Chlorine OR Bromine
  • (Granules or Tablets)
  • 1L Hot Tub Surface Cleaner (Waterline Cleaner)
  • 1.5Kg ph Minus
  • 1L Stain & Scale Remover

For those living in hard water areas, most notable the southeast of the UK but you can search your location to find what your water calcium carbonate concentrate is.

If you find that your kettle suffers from lots of limescale, it is likely that you are in a hard water area and your hot tub water will need extra care to prevent the same thing happening inside your hot tub pipes.

We have the sanitising chemicals available in both Granules and Tablets. Please note that Tablets are for use with hot tubs including our new Chemical Tablet Dispenser Pod technology built into the shell, and we do not advise the use of floating chemical dispensers in Blue Whale Spa hot tubs.

Always follow the instructions on the bottle.

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