Hot Tub Shutdown Service


A shutdown service is essential if you intend to close your tub down and not use it for a long period of time.
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A hot tub shutdown service is essential if you intend to close down your tub for a prolonged period of time. Our hot tubs are designed to be running and any standing water that is not flowing through the pumps and internal system can cause lasting damage if not correctly dealt with. It is very important to remove all the water from the pipework and pumps, as well as from the tub itself.
During the cold, water that freezes in the pipework and pumps can expand and crack the pipes, and pump wet ends leading to major leaks, which will leave your tub unusable and can result in a large repair bill. Therefor if you are not going to be using your hot tub during winter, we strongly recommend properly shutting down your tub.

Hot tub shutdown service

This is our shutdown service, to prepare your spa for any long period of time it will not be used and usually takes 2 to 3 hours

  • Remove and treat filters with filter cleaner, recommend new filters where necessary
  • Run a chemical system flush. System flush is an antibacterial and degreaser fluid to clean internal pipework
  • Drain tub and clean tub shell with surface cleaner and rinse down
  • Vacuum out residual water in the tub
  • Disconnect pumps and heater, remove as much water as possible from pipework using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, lubricate seals and refit
  • Clean and protect hot tub lid with vinyl protectant

For us to proceed with the service, the tub must be filled with water and preferably heated to working temperature. We also require access to 13Amp power supply, outside tap and a hosepipe. Any hot tub parts required, plumbing fittings, seals, etc, are added to the service price and parts required will be discussed with the customer before any parts are replaced. Should any repairs be required, the customer will be informed at the earliest opportunity. Major repairs may require a re-booking at a later date. If repair work is likely to exceed one hour then additional labour charges may be applicable.

If the tub is surrounded by decking, gazebo, summer house etc, the tub owner is responsible for ensuring access is available at a minimum, to the hot tub control box and circulation pump.

If you have any queries or wish to book a hot tub shut down service, please call us on 0115 954 5346, or email: [email protected]

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