Filtration Systems

Once your hot tub is set up and running, the best way to keep your hot tub water clean, alongside proper chemical use, is to set up filtration cycles.

The filtration cycles will be best put to use at times of the day when you are not likely to be using your hot tub, so that the water can run through the system smoothly and allow the best possible results. At the end of this post there is a video that you can follow along with on how to set up these filtration cycles, as they are situated in the Balboa control menu.

For this example we will be working with a TP600 Balboa control panel hot tub, and setting Filter cycle 1 at 4am to run for 2 hours till 6am, and Filter cycle 2 at 4pm to 6pm.

In your manual there is a detailed flow chart on page 13 of how to move through this setting that you can follow at your own pace if needed.

Press the warm button to make the temperature flash, then press the light button 7 times in total to enter the menu and get to the seventh option, FLTR 1. Press your temperature buttons to enter the settings for the first cycle, resulting in the screen showing BEGN (begin). Press the temperature button again to set what time your hot tub will start this filtration cycle. Temperature buttons will move the hour up or down, the light button will move to the minutes, and temperature buttons again will edit those. Pressing the light button, once you are happy with the start time, will move you onto the Run length. After a second or two your screen will indicate RUN HRS (hours) and you will need to press the temperature button to change the length that your first cycle will run for in hours and toggle to minutes with the light button.

If at this point you wait a few seconds it will cause ENDS to show on your screen and it will not save the changes that you have input and will eventually go back to your main screen. To set the changes you have made, press the light button until your screen displays F 1 ENDS 06:00. Pressing the light button once more will save this cycle and take you back to the main menu on FLTR 1.

Pressing Light will take you to the second filter cycle which is edited in the same way, except it has an option to have this setting ON or OFF. From the FLTR 2 screen, press the temperature button to move to the ON/OFF option and toggle between them with the temperature setting. If you wish to have it OFF, then pressing the light button on that option will set your choice and take you back to the main screen. If you want it ON, press the light button on that option to move to the Beginning of the cycle settings and edit accordingly. Be sure to refer to your manual if you need more clarity.

If you have any further questions about the subjects explained, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team or customer services.

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