Starting your Hot Tub


When you have your hot tub delivered, you need to know exactly what the correct procedure is to filling it up and switching it on to avoid any damage or start up issues, and to make sure that you are using your hot tub to it’s fullest potential.

The video at the end of this post contains a step by step guide that you can follow along with as soon as you are ready to start filling your hot tub with water. We recommend watching all the way through once before you start on anything with you hot tub to ensure that you know what to expect from the coming steps and don’t miss any warnings.


We begin as your Delivered and Installed hot tub engineers have just left, having wired in your hot tub. The first thing to do is fill it with water. To complete this video you will need 1 Blue Whale Spa hot tub that has been wired in, 1 hosepipe, and 2-3 hours. Do not switch on the power to your hot tub until it is full of water.

Your water pressure will determine how long it takes for your hot tub to fill up, or with the use of a submersible pump and a source of water this can be as little as 15 minutes. Whichever method you are using, the hot tub must be filled up from the filter housing. This will push the water through the system from the bottom up and remove as many air locks as possible.

Looking at a standard Blue Whale Spa filter housing, you will need to remove the lid by turning it anticlockwise. Then take out the basket and skimmer by lining up the strait edges of the basket with those on the filter housing and lift. In some cases, the basket may have been dispatched with the skimmer upside down for travel purposes. If this is the case, simply line up the skimmer grooves with the basket notches to unlock, flip over so that the lip is facing upwards and lock back into place. Your skimmer should move freely now to float in the water. Take out your filter, which will be brand new and wrapped, and then you need to feel at the bottom of the filter housing for a small plastic ring that is positioned between the pipe and the filter. Take this out to allow your filter to properly engage, much like removing the foil cover on a toothpaste tube. Unwrap your filter and place it back into the filter housing and stick your hose pipe into the middle of the filter.

When filling your hot tub, the golden rule is above the LED lights and covering all the jet rims, but below the headrests. If possible, you should be able to measure a finger’s width above the LEDs to your water level. When people do get into the hot tub this will cause the water level to rise up the headrests which some people may find uncomfortable and difficult to keep their head above the waterline. If this is the case you should drain some of the water until the water level, with people in the hot tub, is at the bottom of the headrests again. Occasional coverage of water is not an issue but if the water level is constantly touching the headrests it can cause them to perish much quicker.

It is important to note that after you have filled your hot tub and have switched the power on, your control panel will enter priming mode to purge the air from the pumps. This will last about 4-5 minutes, and you will need to press the jet buttons and light button to purge the air from your main pumps and circulation pump. See your Balboa TP600 manual page 4 for further details.

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To recap: Once wired in you can take out your new filter from the filter housing, unwrap and place back in once you have removed the plastic “safety” ring. Fill with water through the filter housing with a hose pipe from the tap or submersible pump and water source. Keep an eye on it until the water is a finger width above the LED lights and below the headrests. Wait 4-5 minutes while the control panel enters priming mode and press the jet buttons and light button to purges air from the pumps and circ pump.

If you require further information about this subject or details about how to prepare for when your hot tub arrives, please contact our Customer Service team.

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